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November 25th, 2010 | Tags: Price

Liu Zhirong economists

In order to objectively and impartially examine China's price is high or low, is not entered a period of inflation, November 18, 2010, the authors investigated the US prices and household food expenditures by American friends.

First, the latest US supermarket prices

US local time on November 17, 2010 (Beijing November 18, 2010), a friend Jessica drove to St. Paul, Minnesota, CUB Foods supermarket, the price of daily necessities camera down and told me that this is usual price, if before the various festivals, there will be promotional activities, the price is lower than this lot. A special friend reminded me that in the US supermarket shopping, to stay good shopping small ticket, if you find somewhere lower than the prices here, you can go to the supermarket with shopping small ticket request a refund for the difference.

People can not only for himself

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Zhao drafted an appeal in the case of the last of the day today, Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch suddenly broadcast a story to the effect that Zhao drafted their own children at home already cured, the government has also promised to arrange their home work, but he is still failing Rao, "organizing, instigating, gathered some" troublemakers, but also "other reasons organizations incited by some people," the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to make trouble for such a trouble-making, but also about what the rule of law ah.

However, the Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch Zhao drafted organizations throughout dared mention what tangled incite people did not dare to mention Zhao drafted by any "other reasons" trouble. As one of the rights of the victims of the melamine milk powder agent, I need to explain for the Xinhua News Agency.

November 23, 2010 | Tags: Price

From radish network - everyone is an artist of: Liang Xiao

I. Revenue

1. France's income, low-income groups in France are generally 3000-4000 euros, but 33% -48% of the personal income tax, so hand it around 1500-2000, I use a minimum value of € 1500

2. Shanghai income, low-income groups generally Shanghai 1000-2000 yuan, but very little tax, general hand there are about 1500

Conclusion: Shanghai wins in the tax, which is on the books

II. Life

1. Rice -

French rice € 1 / kg, € 1500 = 1500 kg = 3000 kg (import)

Shanghai rice 5 yuan / kg, 1500 = 300 kg = 600 kg (domestic)

Conclusion, Shanghai rice price equal to five times the French to win the French

2. Metro -

French fare no sub-station, one euro a ticket, sit casually, 1500 = 1500 Subway (overnight operations)

Shanghai implement sub-station fare, the lowest fare 3 yuan, 1500 = 500 metro

Note: France City Card, € 300, available for three months, any means of transport (including trains), zoo, museum tickets, etc. This card Shipping

Conclusion: Shanghai Jiaotong minimum consumption is three times the value of the highest in France

The first seven

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November 21, went to bid farewell to the victims' families of the victims before the Jiaozhou Road building. >>> HD Atlas

Celestial most useless government departments with the most diligent rankings

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From Celestial Entertainment | happy about every day! Author: cody

1. State Seismological Bureau: built decades ago, did not predict an earthquake had not invented a pre-shock shock shock technology, had not been carried out a pre-shock shock shock education. To inaction, tops the list.

2, the national statistical offices: the last two decades, especially in the past decade, the National Bureau of Statistics data, no one recognized by society, some people believe that no one, especially a few days ago over 3% cpi index on housing costs and years ago Benefit Statistics,
Socially disdained its promising and nothing to do useful work the most, and won second place.
3, the national quality monitoring department: With the large exposure shaking tainted milk case, quality monitoring bureau free products falling by the wayside, no two of the limelight for a time, at lightning Pirates of the bell of the potential, successfully beat most opponents, was third.

Fortune robbery

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China's inflation has recently entered the fast lane. This is the inevitable result of the Chinese bureaucracy to massive plunder of their nationals, but also start to lose control of this massive looting signs, more heralded an unprecedented large-scale looting of wealth.

No government can open economy at the same time as the bureaucratic monopoly of credit resources of the world like China, land and other natural resources. Therefore, the Chinese bureaucracy than any government has a greater ability to manipulate a variety of economic levers systematically looting the country's nationals.

Tell us what those foreigners

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So far this year, a great many thing happen internationally, and China and some related, some seem not the slightest relationship with China, but look to see the world the Chinese people, has repeatedly been touched and are re-educated with: the original Some phenomena we commonplace, not all hopelessly incurable; foreign original some differences, not with a simple "different conditions" can be perfunctory in the past.

"International Herald Tribune" reporter Xiao Germany from Beijing to some extent, the Chinese people are most concerned about the international political situation and one of the groups of overseas events. The broad international perspective, so that more and more people in more than rational understanding of the real world, it often occurs because the focus of news in all kinds of countries inviting him sigh: If this happened in China ......

Gang door outcome Secret

November 20th, 2010 | Tags: Gang

From Lok it - Amoy happy Author: letaoba

Gang door sensational over, brother of the deceased can not contact has been missing, the father of the deceased's request for withdrawal, the lawyer of the deceased is also desperate. Media was gagged harmony, the site deleted posts harmony. It seems, then say "My dad is Li Gang" is not really white shouting!. Please reprint and attention. Gang outcome of the door, can not be said of the secret. "Gang door outcome Secret (reprint requests users attention)."

Introduction: Gang scandal has been 26 days, once boiling public opinion gradually quiet. Yahoo China focus "Gang door" of the three - the three asked onlookers Gang scandal, has done such a survey: you predict the outcome of the Gang scandal after onlookers how? Participated in the survey of nearly 5000 users, there are up to 48% of people chose the "entire incident nothing" option.

One year 100 yuan to buy a small number of things?

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Source: Netease " spectators "


November 11, Bureau of Statistics, October CPI rose 4.4%, a record high since 25 months. Time back to November 2009, one year, our prices have gone up much? Similarly 100 yuan, a year before, to buy something much less? According to the Beijing Market Association data November 13, 2009 and November 13, 2010, and witnessed the physical absence of the same intuitive $ 100 behind. Source: Beijing Market Association (prices are wholesale price)

Changzhou game theme park

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An international theme park animation game "Global animation play Valley", since last year, entered the tight construction, May 1, 2011 that it will be a unique look, but myself gesture turned out.

常州建设游戏主题公园 华丽雄伟的奎尔丹纳斯

Global animation play Valley

In the play Valley construction site, the Express reporter saw workers wearing hard hats are busy work, while those on the Joyland brochures shaped magnificent building has been created, although not yet to wear beautiful "clothes" there is no animation and game presence, but even closer look at its shape, but also enough amazing. While standing on an area of ​​300 acres can accommodate 3000 cars and 1000 tourist bus parking lot, from afar, a large-scale, momentum is pressing the "Dream City" almost certain.